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Loan and financing

Loan and financing

You will not find a credit comparison calculator here because they are not accurate enough. For you we work out a loan financing that best suits your circumstances. The loan must be affordable and adapted to the living conditions as best as possible. Whether leasing business or credit? we will discuss this with you. If there are several banks or housing associations, I will ask for offers and send them to you.

You will sit down and discuss the possible conditions! We will solicit offers from several banks and discuss them with you.

House bank liable for mistakes of the investment adviser

House bank liable for mistakes of the investment adviser

An employee wanted to combine her two building loans into a loan. During a consultation in the parental winery brought a bank employee together with an investment adviser a supposedly cheap Swiss franc loan into conversation. A single father under secure circumstances wanted to buy a home and asked the principal bank for a conventional euro loan.

If there is a “permanent distribution relationship” between the house bank and the “financial adviser”, then the house bank must also vouch for the misconduct of the financial adviser. Thus, the Supreme Judge in the decision OGH 17.12.2012, 4 Whether 129 / 12t. “If the house bank participates only financially and not otherwise, then they are liable only for own culpable action, but not for that of the investment advisor.

However, if there is a constant sales relationship between the house bank and the investment adviser, then, according to the court recently decided by the Supreme Court, the house bank must also be held accountable for being responsible to the investment adviser. Such a sales engagement can be assumed if an investment adviser always works with a specific investment adviser (eg if he is at the workplace or at home together with his client), if he processes the product sale via the principal bank contract forms provided for that purpose, and in particular if the result of the investment adviser depends on the intermediaries of the house bank, ie if he regularly buys the financial products offered by the house bank.

The significance of the ruling is so great because claims for damages against financial service providers often lead to their ultimate insolvency. In this case, legal action against the house bank will have a greater chance of success if the above conditions are met.

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